Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań has been educating doctoral students at the doctoral school since October 1, 2019.

Within the framework of the Doctoral School, the education is provided by:

  • Doctoral School of Natural Sciences
  • Doctoral School of Exact Sciences
  • Doctoral School of Social Sciences
  • Doctoral School of Humanities
  • Doctoral School of Languages and Literatures.

Education at the doctoral school lasts 8 semesters and ends with the submission of a doctoral dissertation. Each doctoral student receives a doctoral scholarship. Studies are free.

Rekrutacja 2022/2023:

Rules of admission to doctoral schools in the academic rear 2022/2023

Mode and timetable of admission to particular doctoral schools -> check

Recruitment is open to 5 doctoral schools, in 22 disciplines > link

Required recruitment documents

 Recruitment instructions - Step by step

1. First step registration required in IRK (Internet Registration of Candidates) -> link

2. Second step – złożenie w wyznaczonym miejscu i terminie następujących dokumentów w wersji papierowej:

  • printed and signed registration fron the online registration (IRK system)
  • statement that you are not commencing education in another doctoral school and that you don`t have a doctoral degree -> link
  • cover letter along with an indication of the sceintific discipline in which you would like to obtain a doctoral degree
  • CV
  • statement of documented accomplishments with an indication of the accomplishments to be evaluated by the selection committee (up to 3 - in the case of scientific achivements; up to 3 - in the case of other achievements) -> link
  • proposal of a unique research project with bibliography prepared for the purposes of the admission (up to 8 pages of standard typescript, max. 15,000 characters with spaces)
  • an official copy (odpis) of the university diploma, confirming the attainment of second-cycle qualifications, and in case of graduates from the academic year 2021/2022 - a certificate confirming the attainment of second-cycle qualifications. In case of candidates who apply for admission to the doctoral school on the basis of the highest quality of scientific achievement, the following shall be required, respectively: in the case of graduates of first cycle studies – a diploma confirming completion of first cycle studies with supplement and in the case of students who have completed three years of the uniform five-year master’s studies – a certificate confirming the grade average for years 1-3 of their studies together with the transcript
  • diploma supplement (in the case of two cycle studies - a supplement attached to the diploma of first cycle studies and a supplement attached to the diploma of second cycle studies);
  • one colour 35 mm x 45 mm photograph
  • confirmation of payment of the admission fee

Candidates who have obtained the necessary education outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, shall additionally submit

  • photocopy of a document which confirms their education, certified to be a true copy of the original document, i.e. a diploma with a supplement confirming completion of first cycle studies (Bachelor degree) and a diploma with a supplement confirming completion of second cycle studies (Master degree, MSc, MA) in the original language and in a certified translation into English or into Polish
  • photocopy of their passport


Foreign candidates are required to attach an English translation of the documents which they submit..