Title: Towards the internationalisation of the Doctoral School of AMU
Acronym: AMU International Compass
Duration: 4.01.2021 – 31.12.2023
Coordinator: prof. dr. hab. Przemysław Wojtaszek - Vice-Rector for Research Projects and Doctoral Studies
Manager: dr Anna Stachowiak-Szrejbrowska Head of the Grant Application Support, Project Support Centre AMU
Source of financing: Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

Why STER programme?

Systemic support for the internationalisation of the Doctoral Schools of AMU by:

  • improving the quality of education and the quality of scientific research,
  • acquiring doctoral students from abroad and foreign visiting professors, supervisors and auxiliary supervisors, conducting didactic classes for doctoral students or guest lectures conducted in foreign languages,
  • implementation of international research projects by doctoral students,
  • increasing the international mobility of doctoral students and staff,
  • supporting long-term international cooperation of doctoral schools,
  • promotion of the Doctoral School of AMU abroad,
  • increasing the intercultural competences of researchers and administration,

Types of activities within the Project:

  • activities related to the acquisition of foreign doctoral students
  • support of foreign mobility for the best doctoral students from Poland and abroad (from 1 to 10 months), receiving education at the doctoral school
  • developing activities related to internationalisation “at home”
  • activities related to the development of international cooperation of doctoral schools
  • activities related to content management of the Project

Project tasks:

  1. The creation of the Doctoral School of AMU website
  2. Preparation of a set of information and promotion materials about the Doctoral School of AMU in English
  3. Social media campaign to attract international candidates and to promote the Doctoral School of AMU
  4. Participation in international and national information meetings and promotion of the Doctoral School of AMU
  5. Development of a marketing and recruitment strategy
  6. Support for international mobility of best performing doctoral students at AMU
  7. Organisation of lectures and consultations provided by visiting scientists
  8. Intercultural Competence for the Doctoral School Academic Staff - a Workshop
  9. An introduction to the CLIL method - a seminar
  10. Contemporary teaching methods at the tertiary level - a seminar with workshop elements
  11. Podnoszenie kompetencji międzykulturowych i świadomości kadry administracyjnej SD UAM – warsztaty
  12. Applying the Concepts of Internationalization at Home to Reach Excellence in Doctoral Education: A Conference and a Virtual Education Fair
  13. Staff Training Week on Doctoral School Management and Administration
  14. Preparation of an international PhD programme
  15. Internationalising the learning outcomes - a “train the trainers” seminar
  16. Study visits for best practice sharing
  17. Management of project tasks, coordination and implementation of planned activities

Steering Committee

Prof. Przemysław Wojtaszek, Vice-Rector for Research Projects and Doctoral Studies

Prof. Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, Vice-Rector for Research

Prof. UAM dr hab. Rafał Witkowski, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation